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Habitat Veridis is a major new residential project in the heart of Auteuil Laval sector which occupies an area of over 3 600 000 square feet. Habitat Veridis is characterized by the importance of green spaces, by the size of the lots of single family homes, by its inspired modern design and by its strategic location between Montreal and the Laurentian Mountains.

Habitat Veridis is easily accessible by the main streets of Laval: Highway 440, René-Laennec boulevard and Papineau Avenue, the future Highway 19. Habitat Veridis is 5 minutes away from the Sainte-Rose train station and at 7 minutes away from the Cité-de-la-Santé hospital. The site is also close to Sainte-Béatrice School and Terry-Fox School. The location is well served by STL buses (Société de transport de Laval).

Built in phases, Habitat Veridis offers a variety of housing types, including single family homes, semi-detached, triplex and condominiums 4, 5 and 6 that can suit different budgets. Nearly 2,000 housing units will rise.

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The project offers a unique lifestyle in an architectural framework in harmony with nature's abundance.

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  1. Large lots for single family homes

  2. Abundant green spaces
    (landscaped parks, bike paths and walking trails)

  3. Inspired modern architecture

  4. Design and harmonious urban development

  5. High quality materials

  6. Exceptional location

  7. Water basins